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Eventive Events

The Studio

Welcome to The Studio, we are one of if not the UK’s largest automotive photographic and videography studio open to hire.

With a length of 31 metres, width of 6 metres and a height of 3 metres the studio will almost certainly suit the needs of almost anyone who is looking for that perfect photo or video. With state of the art lighting and pure whitewalls the cleanliness sets our studio apart from others.

 We cater for all whether it be commercial, individuals or groups our packages can be adjusted to suit your specific needs.

The Section at The Studio

Zach's Garage at The Studio

The Warren Supercar Sunday 25th July 2021 Featuring Lamborghini v Ferrari

Upcoming Eventive Events

The Studio

New dates will be released on our social media for open days and events at The Studio for 2021.

Runway Events

We are working hard to put on an event this summer. Due to Covid we are still unable to provide a date.


Car meets

Keep an eye on our Thestudio.ee Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with all the meets we are hosting and attending.



Due to covid 19, 2020 has seen a complete cancellation of the majority of shows. At this moment in time we are very confident we will be helping promote, Hold and attend as many shows as possible in 2021.

Eventive Events - The Studio

Click below to:
22a Aston Road, Waterlooville

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Our Partners

Petrolheadonism Club at The Studio

Social Media

Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok

To keep up to date with the latest happenings and events at The Studio follow us on both Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok at @thestudio.ee

We look forward to seeing your car in The Studio...

Instagram feed

ADAMC at The Studio