The Studio

Welcome to The Studio, we are one of if not the UK’s largest automotive photographic and videography studio open to hire.

With a length of 31 metres, width of 6 metres and a height of 3 metres the studio will almost certainly suit the needs of almost anyone who is looking for that perfect photo or video. With state of the art lighting and pure white walls the cleanliness sets our studio apart from others.

 We cater for all whether it be commercial, individuals or groups our packages can be adjusted to suit your specific needs.

We work on a ½ day / full day hire and can offer our own professional in house photographer, our own in house car valeter/ detailer and can even arrange collection of vehicles if needed.



½ day studio hire

Studio only £400

Studio + Photographer (includes 7 Edited photos per vehicle) £550

Studio + Photographer + Car Detailing £650


Full day Studio hire

Studio only £800

Studio + Photographer (includes 7 edited photos per vehicle) £1000

Studio + Detailer £1000

Studio + Photographer + Car Detailer £1100

Extra photos and videos can be added to the packages at a extra cost


Reveal Systems

At the studio we are lucky to be working along side a world wide known brand CXAUTO Group/ airshroud they have created an incredible automated car reveal system which hypes the excitement of any new car release. With many different types of clothes we can offer you the best reveal of your pride and joy.

Valeting & Detailing

Our partners Status Detailing offer our customers the highest quality service using only the best products on the market. With ceramic coatings now being an essential part of car care jack and his team can transform a car back to show room condition and give you piece of mind that your pride and joy is fully protected

Prices start from £450 which includes

-Full exterior safe wash using pre wash, Ph neutral snow foam and then a 2 bucket wash method for the contact wash.

- Tyres, wheels and arches deep cleaned and dressed

-3 stage decontamination, iron fallout removal, tar and sap removal then clay barred to ensure bodywork is smooth as possible

-Glass cleaned

-interior vacuumed and wiped over.

-vehicle is then prepared for machine polishing/ paint correction process.

- Ceramic booking will include a single stage paint correction removing 80% of light scratches and swirl marks.

-IPA wipe to degrease surface from and residue

-3 layer Gtechniq ceramic coating. Which lasts 3-5 years.



Car sales

We also provide help and assistance sourcing and selling of unique, rare and high-end vehicles. With many of the vehicles we sell, selling before they are even advertised. Please get in touch with us to discuss any vehicle you are thinking of selling as we strive to achieve the best price possible for our customers.